Sunday, August 4, 2019

Old Lake Road on Lake Ontario

Laurene Buckley has been coming to Lake Ontario in summer and invites the group to paint there. Caudia's Lake Road home is right at the lake, sitting out back is as good as being in the water. The high water level took away the beach but the sound of waves on the boulders is magnificent and powerful.

 Roy Fink chose to paint one of the smaller cottages, the gate and trees. Nice One!
 Isn't this stunning. The house on the left was our base, but the neighbors welcomed all the painters. 
 The day was hot inland but we were all cool. This is after lunch, after a short share of our work. The patio is so comfortable, right on the lake.
Kath Schifano stayed on the patio and worked on painting the flowers growing in the pots. Note the composition matches up with the deck. 

Behind Wardell's Boatyard in North Tonawanda

Next to Wardell's Boatyard is a community of  cottages on the water. Most are glorified boat garages and we love the character and colors here.
 House? Outhouse? Pump station? Whatever it is, it is a good subject.
 In progress, Kath's interpretation of the little building across the road from her easel.
 Joan Turrell is always comfortable and confident when she paints.
 Roy Fink sat down today, perhaps his first time painting from a chair, usually he stands.
 Donna Hale is working on the scene...right behind the car that just parked in front of it.
Martha Rogalla settled near the entrance to the park area.

Back to Buckhorn State Park

Our most peaceful site has to be this carry in, carry out park on Grand Island. With a bridge, paths, sleepy water and wildlife, all four seasons are fantastic. Plus easy parking!

 Carol Case Siracuse stayed cool with her watercolors and a big hat.
 Donna Hale worked by the Fishermans Bridge...and sold this painting soon after.
 These painters huddled together in the shade as it was a really hot day, each painting was of a different aspect of Burnt Ship Creek.
 Martha Rogalla with watercolors.

Painting with Kids at camp

Kath Schifano

Friday, August 2, 2019

Donating Time, Supplies and Expertise to Kids

The NFPAP artists have annually supported the NACC day camp by donating money for supplies. We choose a date and the kids come out with their canvas, set up around our painters and try their hand at plein air. It turns into a quiet morning as they concentrate on the gardens and fountain in Schoellkopf Park, downtown Niagara Falls.
The returning campers have steadily improved their observation skills working outside. For their frequent breaks, they come up to the painters, asking for help and commenting on our own park paintings.

 Sitting in the sun, the paint dries very quickly. Fortunately, the day was mild.

Amelia's first painting of the year!
Diane, hard at work in the park was still able to answer kid's questions.
Sharing ideas, Sherryl Primo and a camper talk about their pictures.
Everyone loves the benches in the shade.