Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Worldwide Paintout 2020

The weekend after Labor Day was the 20th annual Worldwide paintout. The Niagara Frontier Plein Air Painters gathered again at Niagara Falls State Park to celebrate. 
Donna, Diane, Jeannette, Roy, Kath, Ylli, Joan, photo by Carol.

Jeannette captured the first bridge at Three Sisters Islands

Ylli painted the small 'Hermit Falls' from the bridge.

With lots of space for social distancing the painters spread along the path around Goat Island.


Painting with sound effects-a farm full of fowl.

Talk About Social Distancing! Each car represents a painter, and this is just at the driveway to a great and varied farm in Youngstown. It belongs to Carol's friends and there were chickens of all colors, turkeys of all sizes, geese, ducks and more. Plus vegetables and flowers growing, sunflowers maturing their seeds, pets, projects, and paths around assorted buildings. Lots to see, lots to paint.


Cars and Sunflowers of Sanborn

Sunflowers of Sanborn is a local farm attraction that brings many people each day to enjoy all the attractions here. With special permission to enter early, our painters simply backed their cars up to the fence and pulled out pochades and tripods. Acres of sunflowers faced us, raising their heads to the East and the brilliant summer sun. Artists often talk about convenient travel studios in their cars and a high lift back is important for access to supplies as well as offering shade and a handy umbrella. Here's Roy working with watercolor in his car's shade.

Rachelle was looking for joy on this day, and she found it here with us and the fields of smiling flowers, too. Soon she was comfortably tucked against the rear seats, inside, carefully noting composition values in her sketchbook. 
Diane puts a new spin on the term 'car seat' as she paints with watercolor. Her hybrid has a nice flat shelf in the back.
Paint what you see!
Martha was wheeling her gear further into the field. Masked, of course.
The fields have a variety of attractions and Jeannette liked the carousel horse surrounded by blooms and used her big box of luscious pastels.

Donna crossed the fence to get close to her subjects. Sunflowers are perfect in pastel.

Ylli captured the whole field in an oil painting.

The RR Bridge at UNITY Island

This is a railroad bridge from NY into Ontario. At our end a border patrol car waits, watching for what? People Leaving? Or sneaking into USA? We met here at Unity Island on another classically gorgeous Buffalo morning and we all chose to paint this bridge, from one angle or another. 
Kath's ink and watercolor bridge.
We are always intrigued by Roy's setups, he is rather clever in what he uses and his set ups. His tripod doesn't just hold a panel. It's a multi tasker. He has been sharing his garden vegetables at many paintouts. Particularly tasty tomatoes.

Diane, with an assortment of fresh vegetables from Roy. Are they for painting or dinner?

Diane, Doreen DeBooth, Roy Fink and their bridges.

Thomas Kegler Plein Air Workshop

 Each year, we have something special and beyond paintouts and often there are more. One of our favorites is inviting an artist to speak and demonstrate to our group. This year, Thomas Kegler graciously agreed to demo Plein Air at a creek near East Aurora, socially distanced, of course. 
Tom's palette and mixed values

Using a vertical palette and paint shelf.

Despite being spread out, the attendees were able to share questions and see his demo. Being outside and spread out, everyone felt safe and comfortable wearing masks in close proximity.
the creek
His painting at the end of the demo time, and time for the artists to start their own with guidance from Tom, using his underpainting technique and whatever other gleanings individuals learned.
Cory Moscato's afternoon painting, using the lovely light reflecting into the water.

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Buckhorn Park dates bring out the painters every year

We did our best to maintain Social Distancing at the fishing dock at Buckhorn State Park. We always get a good turnout here. Great views in all directions, right near the parking lot!
Donna Hale and Roy Fink. Roy often shares his homegrown vegetables with us!
Joan Shaw with Rachelle Bisoni to her right, Martha on the left.
Martha Rogala on the edge of Burnt Ship Creek. Her painting was amazing, wish there was a photo of it.

You don't have to be a painter to enjoy this park.


Thursday, August 13, 2020

By the skyway

I wasn’t the only painter under between route 5 at the skyway and Lake Erie. Here’s Paulette working out of the back of her car.

My view of downtown...

And the pen and ink and watercolor created on this glorious hot weekday.