Monday, May 10, 2021

NFPAP May 1st _ paint outs

 NFPAP Members


Up coming May paint outs are listed below. Stay tuned for details on each paint out.

If you have photos for your paint out to share, send to Joan Shaw.

Thanks folks. Happy  painting!😊


Please sign up with the host for any paint out you plan to attend. Weather has been very unpredictable lately. Only those who have signed up will be notified of last minute changes.


Glen Falls – Williamsville

Monday, May 10 

Meet up time: 10am                 

Paulette Rozwood (


LASALLE WATERFRONT PARK - North Grand Island Bridge- Entrance is well-marked off Buffalo Avenue just East of the bridge

on the North side of the River

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

10:00 a.m.

Host: Carol Mathewson


  Fairly new public park with clean, comfortable open spaces;

  views looking across river to Grand Island, and up and down the Niagara River

  with spans of North Grand Island Bridges

  Picnic tables; parking with level surfaces

  With COVID, I am not sure if the restrooms will be open.

  Brown Bag lunch 12 Noon


Chandler Street – Buffalo

Monday,  May 17   

Meet up time:                                                                    

Doreen DeBoth


Bond Lake

Thursday,  May 20 

Meet up Time: 10:00


Beaver Island Marina, lagoon and island                                

Tuesday,  May 25  

Meet up time:                           

Jean Macdonald and Diane Goupil


Friday, April 9, 2021

April dates

Prospective Members, join us at  one of our public paint events to see what we are about! 
Below are the upcoming April paint outs. Meet up time is 9:30 unless otherwise indicated. 
Please sign up with the host. 

April 12        Monday    Buffalo Botanic Gardens
Paulette Rozwood

April 20        Tuesday    Spring at 3 Sisters Is. Niagara Falls
Kath Schifano

April 30        Friday        Cherry Blossoms at Buffalo Hist. Museum
Kath Schifano

April 29        Thursday    Mountain View Drive, Lewiston
Anne Zohur

Monday, April 5, 2021

First Rainy Paint out in Spring

Linwood Ave has a handsome collection of turn of the century homes. As the first official paintout of the 2021 season, it should not have been raining and cold after a lovely week of sun and warmth. 3 brave artists went into Buffalo despite the weather report. The artists apparently didn't get much finished when their umbrellas stopped protecting the work from rain.

Roy Fink sent this 'group' photo selfie as well as the other pictures.

Peggy Walker tried the two umbrella trick but eventually decided the rainwater on her painting put her at a disadvantage.

We are all looking forward to 'next time'.

Sunday, March 28, 2021

2006-2021 Still painting.

 An official New Season starts this week. Welcome to our new people, keep reading.

The following is a slightly edited (updated)letter from Joan, our merited leader that was sent in April, 2006. I guess I have been a member for 15 years!

In order to avoid mass chaos, we need to have a little structure to our paint outs; -----less is more as far as I am concerned, but we need to have some.  The idea here, above all else, is to have fun, and in the process support each other in our efforts to plein air paint.

To start, paint outs will be scheduled for the morning hours when the light is best.  If we are lucky enough to have a coffee shop near the paint out site, we can get coffee to get going.  This will not always be the case, though, and sometimes a thermos from home or mug of McDonald's will have to do. 

Paint outs will be either for a half day or full day, depending on the location and the event, and whatever the group decides.  The first few will be for half days till we get warmed up, both literally and figuratively. 

General Procedure
2 weeks prior to a schedule paint out notification will be sent to members. (Often a monthly schedule) It will consist of a general description, date and time, of the paint out. The exact meeting place or address will NOT be given out at this time.  Each person who plans to attend, must e-mail the "host" and register for that paint out. Prior to the paint out, details will be sent only to those who have registered.

The reason for doing it this way is:
1  We want to know who is coming.  If there is not sufficient interest in a paint out, it will be cancelled.
2  If we have to cancel or change plans quickly, only those that have registered will be notified.

I have been doing a little research into various locations.  Finding a suitable site for a group is a little different than going off into the woods by yourself.  In general, basic requirements for a group are: 1) bathrooms, 2) parking, 3) composition.