Friday, August 24, 2018

Tailgating at Sunflowers of Sanborn

A new kind of tailgating, back up to the sunflower field and open the trunks to reveal traveling studios. 

Rachelle Bisone pushed pastels to capture this beauty. 

Kath Schifano wore her Bob Ross Happy Trees shirt on the same day the Wall Street Journal had an article about Ross. No, She didn’t know, the paper was brought as a conversation piece.

Olivia joined us, we sent her home with a painting, some extra oil paints and brushes. We expect to see more from her when we return to the farm.

Peggy Walker and Marian Granfield as well as the others introduced many kids to Plein Air, here a young girl draws right on the artist's page.

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Buffalo Marina and the waterfront are painter’s paradise

Painters working on the lighthouse and Buffalo marina structures.
Bernice Smith in the shade.

Ah, summer, we love to paint!

An ever changing view. 

Turn around to the city

Action in Allentown over 2 weekends.

Kath is working on the Allen Street view from the south side.

Donna has the same street from the north side.

There is music, people and energy. Allentown is rocking to the Infringement festival.

Stunning Sunflowers in Sanborn

Monday, July 30, 2018

NACC Summer Camp and the Plein Air Force

The fountain in the Schoellkopf gardens across from the Niagara Arts and Culture Center is a magnet for the camp kids on their 'plein air day with artists.' The wavy edges of the three tier fountain created a challenge to everyone who chose it. Those who watched Ylli Haruni's demonstration closely did a great job with their flowers, bushes and trees.
Niagara Frontier Plein Air Painters provided a grant to purchase supplies for the NACC campers and joined them for a day of outdoor painting. Cadyn Metz, the group's director and counselor, prepared paint kits with canvas and easels and the kids went to work. It seemed that most of them, and there were a lot of kids, wanted to continue painting through lunch

 'Why are you painting the school across the street when the rest of us are painting the gardens?'
 'It is just a beginning but this painting will be wonderful.'
' If I paint the fountain will you explain to me how to make the water look like it is falling?'
 'Kids everywhere, how will I be able to concentrate on mixing the right colors?'
 Like the adults, the kids took breaks just to think about their compositions.
 Joan Shaw
 Diane Goupil
 Two campers concentrated all morning and their paintings captured their view.
While her friends sat, this young lady chose to stand to concentrate and get a better view. Laurene Buckley and Kath are in the background.
On benches, blankets or the grass, kids set up all over the park.
And a good time was had by all!

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

A Good Crowd at Wardell’s Boatyard

The boat yard on the edge of the Erie canal in North Tonawanda is next to a small neighborhood of boathouses, we love our annual paintout here!

There must have been 10 or 11 today. Sara Zak came who we haven't seen in a longtime.  Good weather.

Kath Schifano and Donna Hale cozied under a shade tree.
Lunch, as usual, involved questions, answers and a few laughs about our progress.